Real-World Simulation Attack & User Awareness Training

Simulation attacks help you in safeguarding your business against phishing and other email security threats by training your employees to identify attacks.


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Target the Right User

Trget specific user/group by choosing different templates and strengthen your overall data protection.

Pre-built Phishing Templates

With 100+ Templates to choose from, You can fully customize any Email template along with it's landing page.

Educate your Users

Every organization and its users are different, Hence customize your learning module as per your need.

Comprehensize Reporting

ATotal users hooked - Open/Click ratio & Data submitted.

Campaign Execution

Fully Manged Service. Schedule your different campaigns at the same time or different.

Software-as-a-Service Model

Go-Simulator is SaaS based tool with advance reporting & learning module.


The more you sweat in peace, The less you bleed in war !

Your employees are soft targets for cyber criminals and often the most vulnerable link in the chain. The best of security protocols and technologies can fail when employees aren’t trained to put them to optimum use.

At Go-Simulator we have designed tools that can simulate hundreds of realistic email attacks that would help identify the loopholes in your system and fix them. You will be able to select the types of attacks you want to replicate in real-time and also generate detailed reports on the actions taken by your employees to these attacks. With these simulated attacks your employees would learn to recognize and avoid unverified links on email and also report of potential threats immediately to their superiors.

Apart from training your team members in identifying potential threats we also make them aware of the best practices that can safeguard the interests of your brand. Our team focuses on setting up custom protocols for organizations for reporting any cyber security threat and take appropriate actions in this regard.