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Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Steps to Improve Awareness in Your Team

cybersecurity awareness month

It is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The month-long awareness initiative has picked up pace year-on-year since its start in 2004, matching the consistent rise in cyber crimes. What started as an initiative to spread awareness amongst the general public about the rapidly evolving technologies and the related security risks has now become a crucial reminder for organizations across the globe to stay vigilant about security protocols at place.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month allows security leaders to empower people connected to your organization to play their role in safeguarding your business from potential cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity Awareness aids in developing resources, training, solutions, and technologies to deliver familiarity and actions to safeguard your organization.

With adequate training and awareness, people connected to your business can become your first line of defense. During Cybersecurity Awareness Month, an organization can ensure its employees, suppliers, and clients are aware of the existence of the potential ways cybercriminals can breach your systems, recognition of such attacks, and potential impact on your organization. 

Here are top tips to empower your team during the Cybersecurity Awareness Month

  1. Prioritize Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is the right time to identify and fix weak areas, departments, and teams which may benefit from cybersecurity awareness training immediately. Security leaders should create a thorough plan to address weak areas in cybersecurity amongst people connected to your business. This will prove to be helpful in the longer term.

  1. Involve Senior Management

Involving Directors and Senior Management will add importance to your Cybersecurity Awareness Month campaign.  This will portray the high priority and criticalness of cybersecurity. Additionally, support from the top management will ensure that those responsible for cybersecurity will play their role to its successful implementation.

  1. Revisit protocols and procedures in place

This Cybersecurity Awareness Month, revisit and develop strong cybersecurity protocols and procedures that will reinforce your awareness campaign. Evaluate and fix protocols protecting your employees and client data.

  1. Develop Protocols for emails and devices

Make sure that there are rules and procedures in place for emails, browsing, and remote work. Additionally, communicate to your employees and clients the specific Do’s and Don’ts and consequences of data breaches. 

  1. Make Cybersecurity training mandatory for all

Implement cybersecurity training for all with the same spirit and dedication, just like any other strategic training. Make it mandatory for everyone to go through training sessions, either through a third-party course or internal training. Regardless of departments and roles, everyone must be aware of the potential threats. 

  1. Conduct regular risk assessments

It is crucial for all types of organizations to conduct regular assessments of the security protocols at place. It is advised to have reliable, and third-party security analysis team conduct an audit of your security protocols. These audits help in evaluating if your current protocols meet the level of security your business requires.

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