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Why Your Small Business Needs To Use WhatsApp Business


WhatsApp Business app was only available on Android when it was released in early 2018. Finally, in April 2020, it was released on iPhone and is now available in most countries globally.

The potential audience for small businesses is immense, with 1.5 billion people sending an average of 55 billion messages per day. But is it appropriate for you? Here you will see how it works and how it might help your company’s sales and marketing efforts. This blog post go through the most recent features and shows you how and why you should sign up.

WhatsApp Business: Overview

WhatsApp Business platform is accessible on desktop, Android, and iOS. It is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, while larger corporations such as KLM have taken advantage of some of its features, providing real-time flight information and paperwork via the app.

The major purpose is to enable businesses to stay in touch with their customers and respond to concerns and queries in real time. To learn about what is WhatsApp business account, let us look at the key highlighters. 

Key Highlights

A landline Can Be Used to Sign Up

You have several options for registering. You can sign up with a cellphone number, but you will be unable to run a separate personal WhatsApp account with the same number. 

You may also join up using your company landline, which allows you to preserve your personal WhatsApp account while still running a WhatsApp Business account on the same device.

WhatsApp Web is Available for Desktop

WhatsApp is currently a free software that can be downloaded from Google Play and iTunes. However, after you’ve signed up, you’re not required to have a smartphone to message contacts. You can access your account through your internet browser by installing the desktop “WhatsApp Web” program.

It contains effective communication tools and automatic functions.

You can also automate “greeting messages,” “away messages,” and “fast replies” to frequently asked inquiries using WhatsApp Business. You can utilize quick answers to build shortcuts for frequently used messages.

It Has Fundamental Analytics

Although they are quite basic at the moment, you can keep track of the number of messages sent, delivered, and read. And, given Facebook’s reputation for analytics, this is likely to develop.

Your Business Account is Distinguished from Consumer Profiles

When you create an account, your profile will be labelled as a business profile, denoted by a grey question mark. When your account is confirmed (your WhatsApp phone number matches that of your business), a grey tick appears. Businesses that are confirmed by WhatsApp receive a green tick label, identifying them as authentic brand.

The Top Advantages of Using WhatsApp Business

To know the reasons why use WhatsApp business, you must learn the benefits of WhatsApp business. 

1. Already the Most Widely Used Messaging App

WhatsApp already has over two billion users, making it the industry leader in instant messaging apps. Most countries (180) have WhatsApp, and almost everyone uses it in India, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Malaysia, Colombia, Turkey, Spain, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Kenya. It’s also gaining popularity in France, Germany, the US, and Italy.

2. Contact People ‌From Any Location

WhatsApp for business allows for real-time communication. While people frequently put off reading emails, they usually check new messages immediately, especially when they are on the go. This provides you with a considerably larger window in which to convey marketing messages. Indeed, WhatsApp messages have an unrivalled 98% open rate and a 45-60% click rate.

3. Exclusive and Personalised

Direct messaging is ideal for personalized offers and personalized customer care. In a secure, one-on-one conversation, you can send personal account passwords, order updates, and offer assistance.

Unlike on-site upsell widgets, you can ask questions to create specific product recommendations. The WhatsApp Business API also integrates with your CRM, allowing you to tailor your message based on customer information.

4. Reliable and Secure

It’s secure enough for businesses to share critical information as password resets.

In addition, all WhatsApp business accounts must go through mandatory verification to provide consumers with peace of mind. You need to learn how to set up a WhatsApp business account like this. You can also apply for the WhatsApp green tick using the API, which is an official account indicator for further security.

5. It is GRPR-Compliant

WhatsApp insists that only opt-in contacts are messaged using the API, making it GDPR-compliant. Here, list-building best practices are the same as those used in email marketing.

By blocking or reporting you, the client can directly affect your sending quotas and quality score. Although this may seem harsh, it ensures that spammers stay off the site and that customers continue to value the business. If you send relevant, trustworthy campaigns, everyone benefits.

6. Content Types That Are Diverse And Interactive

One of the most significant advantages of the WhatsApp Corporate app is the variety of formats and interactive content possibilities available for business messaging. 

Communication can be much longer than SMS (1,000 characters). All of this compares WhatsApp for business to conventional email marketing, where you can be as explicit or subtle as you choose. Other WhatsApp business features include contact management, chatbots, autoresponders, and shareable product catalogs.

7. Allows for two-way communication

They can contact you without visiting your website if they require customer care. This ease of access increases your chances of gaining and keeping their business. According to one study, 53% of consumers would prefer to shop from a firm if they could message it directly.

8. A Method for Scaling Your Multichannel Strategy

WhatsApp is a convenient and simple approach to broaden your multichannel strategy and enhance client engagement in new markets.

WhatsApp serves as both a support and a marketing platform. You can use direct messages to respond to questions, collect orders, address difficulties, and send updates while executing marketing campaigns.

The WhatsApp Company API lets you utilize a single business account to manage many phone numbers (including virtual), users, and devices. This allows you to scale your customer service and marketing staff as needed. That is a benefit of WhatsApp Business messaging platform versus live chat, where you typically pay each team member who uses the tool.


Consumers nowadays want to connect with businesses in the same place and manner in which they connect with their personal ties. The easiest way to meet your consumers where they are is to begin to use WhatsApp business platform API. The WhatsApp business API allows your team to respond to messages, automate workflows and responses, and track performance and customer satisfaction.

In this Cyber Digital era, Neuailes is committed to securing and streamlining communication at its heart. We guarantee the security of both your internal and external communications. We support each organization’s efforts to gain customers by offering tools for managing and amplifying communication. Connect with Neuailes global today. 


Q1.What makes WhatsApp Business superior to WhatsApp?

In brief, the primary distinction between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business is that the former is solely for personal communication, whereas the latter includes marketing capabilities. For small businesses looking for a chat-based way to handle inquiries and take orders, WhatsApp Business is a free option.

Q2.Is it possible to use WhatsApp Business for personal purposes?

No, you cannot use the same phone number for WhatsApp on your personal and business accounts. Your personal account will be changed into a WhatsApp Business account if you register for a business account using the same phone number as your personal account.

Q3.Is WhatsApp Business a cost-free service?

Only when a business participates in a conversation—by answering a question or notifying clients via a WhatsApp push message—are WhatsApp Business fees charged. A company’s WhatsApp Business account is limited to 1,000 interactions per month.

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